Process Insights in Power Automate – Improve your Flow Performance

Process Insights in Power Automate – Improve your Flow Performance
Now, we can improve our Power Automate Flows using the Process Insights feature. During this video, I will demonstrate how we can identify which actions from Power Automate are taking a long time to run. Process Advisor shows Process insights using we as a developer can improve our actions. First, we will generate a Process map from our Flow run and then I’ll explain how Process Insights provides different analytics based on our data!

Key Takeaways:
1. Process Insights in Power Automate
2. Improve Flow Productivity with Process Insights

00:00 Start
01:08 Overview of Flow
02:01 Check Process Insights from Automate
02:30 Process Map of Power Automate
03:08 Process Map
04:04 Check Which action from Power Automate take more time
04:42 Time Analysis
05:25 How to improve Power Automate flow using Process Insight?
06:10 Share Process Insights
07:18 Subscribe

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