Export Formatted Data Tables to Excel in Power BI

Export Formatted Data Tables to Excel in Power BI
During this video, we will learn how we can export formatted Data tables to Excel. Now in Power BI Service, we have new feature called – “Formatted Tables ” and using it one Paginated report is created behind the scenes and we can format the tables as well. Once it is exported to Excel, it is preserving the Formatting of the data as well! Isn’t that cool?

Key takeaways:
1. Export to Excel Power BI Dataset
2. Export Formatted Data to Excel from Power BI Datasets

Reference: Exportable Formatted Data Tables

00:00 Start
00:24 Created Formatted Table
01:20 Add Fields
01:30 Format Table
01:40 Export Power BI Dataset in Excel with Formatted Data
03:07 Subscribe

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