Microsoft Ignite Announcements for Power Apps – Day 02

Welcome to Microsoft Ignite feature summary for Power Apps at Day 02

1. Microsoft Search Integration

  • Search across Dataverse data from Microsoft 365
  • Users can find Dataverse data as part of their Microsoft 365 search results.
  • Enable Dataverse environments for Microsoft Search integration.

2. Embedded insights via Power BI

  • Makers can include Power BI dashboards as part of their apps as system dashboards.

3. Teams can collaborate in an app

See who’s active and start a Teams chat from within apps

  • Co-Presence on Dataverse records (Nov 21)
  • Embedded Teams Chat (Power Apps Spring 22)

4. Work seamlessly with your data in Microsoft Teams

Links pasted into Teams unfurl into useful summaries

  • Users get a useful, rich summary data directly in teams just by pasting the link from the app.
  • Dataverse record information into a summary within Teams chats (Dec 21)

5. Create Adaptative cards using Power Apps [Early 2022]

We can create Adaptative cards directly from Power Apps and Publish to Teams.

6. Bring your own AI Models

Consume your own models in AI Builder

  • Build AI models in any language, framework or tooling.
  • Host on any cloud (Azure ML, AWS, private, etc)
  • AI Models are registered with AI builder and available to be consumed like other models.

7. Extending collaboration to Pro Devs

Experimental Git Source code integration

  • Developers can enable Git integration for apps to provide source code integration, version history and branching for multiple developers.
  • Multiple developers can work together on branches of the same app, and have their changes merged together.
  • Experimental Git integration (Nov 21)

8. Conditional Access policies on individual apps

Admins can harness the full power of Conditional Access on individual canvas apps

  • Multiple Conditional Access policies can be applied to a single app. 
  • Blocking individual users from accessing apps
  • Requiring users to use multi-factor authentication when accessing apps
  • Require an app to only be accessed at trusted locations

9. Quarantine non-compliant apps

Admins can quarantine an app not blocked by DLP and not meeting their org’s compliance requirements.

  • As apps are quarantined, end users can’t access the up until the admin releases the app.
  • Makers can still update quarantined apps in Studio

10. General Availability (GA) of Power Apps portals support for Microsoft Power Platform CLI

The General Availability (GA) of Power Apps portals support for Microsoft Power Platform CLI with version 1.9.8 that was introduced in May 2021 release as a preview feature.

11. Power Apps portals: Query data using portals Web API (public preview)

  • Web API operations in portals so far were limited to creating, updating, deleting, associating and disassociating tables.
  • With this public preview, Microsoft added the capability to retrieve data using GET requests through portals Web API

12. Power Apps portals: Use code components on pages (Preview)

We are excited to announce that capability of adding code components using Liquid template tag within Power Apps portals is now available with portals version 9.3.10.x  (updates are currently rolling out).



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