Microsoft Ignite Announcement – Power Platform – Day 01


Welcome to Microsoft Ignite 2021 – November Announcements for Power Apps. Here are the summary for all the new features has been announced at Day 01.

1. New Licensing in Power Apps – Pay as you Go for Power Apps

  • A new way to Pay for Power Apps
  • We need to pay only for what we are using after we use it (Post Paid)
  • Connect Power Apps via Azure Subscription
  • Pay using Power Apps and Dataverse via Azure Meter
  • View Billing details in Azure

How Cost for Power Apps calculated?

  • An active user is who opened an app or a portal at least once in a given month!
  • User can access the same app or portal multiple times but are counted only once.
  • Users with Power Apps per user licenses are not counted as an active user.
  • Total Charges Per Month = $ * Monthly active Users

How Cost for Dataverse calculated?

  • 1 GB database and 1 GB file capacity is included in Pay-as-you-go enabled environment.
  • As our data needs grow, we can scale beyond limits and only pay for what we are using!
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2. Power Apps – Standalone, Native app Mobile apps

Power Apps mobile apps (preview), enabling makers to package Canvas apps as Android and iOS mobile apps for corporate end users.


3. Collaborate while building apps

  • Makers can collaborate with mentions and comments with Modern app designer
  • Supported in Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents
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4. Open-source Power Fx: Low code everywhere

  • Consistent Low code experience across the Power Platform
    • Power Apps Canvas App
    • Power Apps Model Driven App commanding
    • Dataverse Formula Column
  • Available as Open Source at Github
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5. Power Platform support for Codespaces

For developers who want to work on Power Platform from anywhere or any device, but in a code first way, Power Platform Command Line is now available as a Codespace extension and the install experience is just as simple, as installing an extension in your Visual Studio code environment.


6. Windows System for Linux support

If your Visual Studio Code install is WSL enabled, you can now use Power Platform integration and it is shell aware, as in, if you access your local file system via Windows, the shell will default to PowerShell and if you use your WSL instance, it will use the Bash shell or whichever Linux shell you have installed.


7. Simplifying the Microsoft Power Platform Custom Connector Creation from Azure API Management

  • New Landing page in Azure API Management allow developers to build and distribute Power  Platform connector in just few clicks!
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8. Microsoft Access Connector for Power Platform

  • One of the most requested capabilities from Access users is the ability to bring Access data and data entry onto a mobile device.
  • With the new Access connector for Power Platform, Access data can now be brought onto any mobile device; your organization’s data is easily migrated to Dataverse where it can then be used to create a mobile Power App.
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Stay tuned with me for next Ignite Announcements!!

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