Power BI Ecosystem – Work with Multiple Developers using single Power BI Dataset

Power BI Ecosystem – Work with Multiple Developers using single Power BI Dataset
Welcome to Power BI Monthly event for PH Community. This time we have one superb topics to share with you. During this session, we will learn how we can work in Power BI with multiple developers. Sometimes there is a scenario wherein we already have developed our Power BI report already and then we want to make multiple reports from same Power BI dataset. For that, do we prepare multiple Power BI files? The answer is no During this session, Abhinav will explain us how we can work with Multiple developers for same Power BI dataset and develop multiple reports on top of that!

00:00 Start
04:00 Story – Requirement to work with multiple developers
07:40 Real Life Example
09:39 Select Power BI Dataset and select already published report’s dataset
11:58 Use already created dataset
13:48 Work with multiple developers
15:14 Work with Paginated Report with existing Power BI Dataset
16:57 Copy Query
17:07 Run Query
20:05 Refresh Dataset with XMLA End Points
24:03 Single Dataset with Multiple Reports
26:10 Work with Power BI Dataset with SSAS
33:50 How to make changes in the existing report?
37:11 Questions?
44:45 Power BI August Feature Summary

– Separate out Model and report connected live
– Restore pbix connected with live Dataset in service
– Create multiple reports from Live Dataset
– Use Live Datasets with Power BI Paginated
– Refresh Power BI Datasets with XMLA Endpoint

Session Credits:

Speaker: Mr. Abhinav Singh
Organizers: Power BI PH Community, Dhruvin Shah, Prince Kher, Doher Drizzles
Session Date: AUG 28, 2021
Time: 01:30 PM IST – 02:30 PM IST

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