How to store Uploaded File from Power Apps Form Processing?


During this article, we will talk, how can we store the uploaded invoice or form or document from Power Apps AI Builder Form Processing control. So, now let’s get started.


I have one Form Processing control on my app. I want to store the document as list attachment in SharePoint. So, how can I achieve that?

For that, I need to create one Power Automate Flow. So, let’s get started!


  1. Create Instant Cloud Flow.
  2. Set Power Apps as Trigger Action.
  3. Add an action – “Add Attachment” from SharePoint Connector.
  4. Provide Site Address, ListName and File Name.
    Select ID field and click on Ask in Power Apps. That will add Input Parameter from Power Apps.
    Similar way For file content as well add “Ask in Power Apps”. It will add Input Variable.
  5. For File Content Add the following expression.
  6. Save your flow.
  7. Go to Power Apps.
  8. Add any button on screen.
  9. Go to Action and select Power Automate. Add the flow on button.

    Then add the following code snippet. SaveAttachment.Run(Value(Form1.LastSubmit.ID),FormProcessor1.OriginalImage);
    From above code using “FormProcessor1.OriginalImage” we will get image content and store the image as OOTB list attachment.
  10. Add the code wherever you wish and test code.
  11. The flow run successfully. Invoice has been stored as OOTB list attachment.


This is how we can easily store uploaded document from Power Apps Form Processing Model to Power Apps. Isn’t that amazing?

Happy Power Apping!!

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