Manage Table Permissions in Dataverse for Teams

In this article we will talk how we can share the apps that we build in Dataverse for teams with users. Let me first give you an overview for overall application which I built with Dataverse for Teams.

  • We have Leave Application App built with Power Apps
  • We have 3 different tables in Dataverse for Teams
  • We have published the app and added with Teams channel

When we create Power Apps within Teams it follows the security mechanism for Teams.  We have following security roles for Teams.

  • Owners
  • Members
  • Guests
  • In above case, Dhruvin is the owner of the team.
  • Aditya, Tejal and Adele are members of the team
  • Dhruvin’s another two organizational account added as guest.

Now, in OOTB manner, once you create your app and Dataverse for teams, the security follows the security protocol of your Microsoft Teams, which are owners, members and guests.

Now, let’s talk about security protocol for each role.

  1. Open any table from Microsoft Teams.
  2. Click on Manage Permissions
  3. This will show all the table permissions for the selected table.

Here, Owners, Members and Guests are the Teams Security role.


  • By default, owners have full access.
  • Admins can create new records.
  • Admins can read all records
  • Admins can update or delete all records


  • By default, Members have full access.
  • Members can create new records.
  • Members can read all records.
  • Members can update or delete all records.


  • By default, guests have Private Access.
  • They can create new records.
  • They can read, update or delete only their records.

Now, let’s talk about different role types for Dataverse for Teams.

  • Full Access:
    • Create, Read, Update and Delete all records.
  • Collaborate:
    • Create new records.
    • Read all records.
    • Update and delete their own records.
  • Reference:
    • Read all records.
    • Can’t create new records.
    • Can’t update or delete records.
  • Private:
    • Only create new records.
    • Only Read their own records.
    • Update and delete their own records.
  • None:
    • Can’t access anything.

Now, let’s see how we can change Access Level for specific Teams role?

Let’s say, we want members can only view their own records and update and delete their own records, then we need to change their role from Full access to Private.

  1. Select Team’s Member Role and select “Private” as role.
  2. Click on Save.

Now, when you will open the Power Apps with Member user, they will be able to see only their records.

Now, question arise, OOTB manner app shared with Teams members or guest users only. If I want to share the app with the users who are not part of Team, how can I do that? Let’s talk about that.

How to share Dataverse for Teams app with Colleagues?

  1. Click on Share with Colleagues
  2. This will show all apps for Dataverse for Teams
  3. Add a security group with whom you want to share.
  4. I selected “POC06” and click on Save.

  5. Now, let’s assign role.
  6. Select table for which you wish to assign permission. By default it is None
  7. Select security group from “Colleague with access ”.
  8. Select Role you want to assign. I’m changing role from None to Private.
  9. Click on Save.


This is how different roles work for Dataverse for Teams andwe can share app with colleagues. Isn’t that amazing?

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