Azure DevOps Deployment Pipeline – Code Reference – Part 03

Please check the code file reference here for Azure DevOps Build Pipeline!

Code Files:

Step 3: Power Platform Export Solution

Solution Name:


Solution Output File


Step 4: Power Platform Unpack Solution

Solution Input File:


Target Folder to Unpack Solution


Step 5: Publish Artifact: drop

Path to publish:


Step 6: Command Line Script:

cd $(Build.SourcesDirectory)

# Set a per-project email address and username
git config ""
git config "Dhruvin Shah"

# Navigate to the main branch
git checkout -B main

# Update the local version of a repository from a remote
git pull

# Add all files to the Git repository
git add --all

# Record the changes in the repository
git commit -m "Updated the solution"

# Authenticate against a git repository in a build process
git -c http.extraheader="AUTHORIZATION: bearer $(System.AccessToken)" push origin main

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