Power Apps on Windows Generally Available Now

Power Apps on Windows Generally Available Now
Welcome to one more announcement – Power Apps on Windows is Generally Available Now! You are just few clicks away from installing the brand new “Power Apps” application from the Microsoft Store. With the new Power Apps application, your will be able to run apps in offline within a brand new application fully integrated within the Windows OS and supporting the native Dataverse connector and native device capabilities like barcode scanner or Camera controls.

Today, we will talk about the high-level overview of Power Apps on Windows. During the discussion, we will try to cover the following points!
1. What is Power Apps on Windows?
2. Cool Features from Power Apps on Windows
3. Real-Life Examples where Power Apps on Windows fits best
4. What’s next?

To present this session with us today we have our guest speaker – Mr. Tristan DEHOVE who’s working at Microsoft for the last 11+ years. He’s a senior Program Manager at Microsoft.
Session CREDIT:
Host: Dhruvin Shah
Guest Speaker: Mr. Tristan DEHOVE (Sr. Program Manager @ Microsoft)
Social Media Information of Tristan:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tristan-dehove-85197128/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DehoveTristan
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00:00 Start
00:20 Welcome to Tristan
00:50 Announce for Power Apps on Windows
01:12 Tristan DEHOVE – Introduction
01:46 Why Power Apps on Windows? What are cool features for Windows on Power Apps?
03:08 What happens with old PowerApps on Windows Application?
04:12 Real-Life Use cases for Power Apps on Windows
06:05 Demo for PowerApps on Windows
08:44 What’s upcoming
09:30 Feedback
10:49 Subscribe!!

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