Get Started with Process Mining and Process Advisor in Power Automate

Get Started with Process Mining and Process Advisor in Power Automate
Welcome to my new segment on YouTube called “Talk with Devs”. Here we’re talking with industry experts about some of the interesting concepts of Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Power Platform. The main goal of this segment to gain knowledge from our Subject matter experts from the globe.

During this episode, we will talk about how we can leverage the capabilities of Process Mining and Process Advisor in Power Automate.
Process mining in process advisor allows you to take the event data from your system of records and visualize the processes happening in your organization. Process mining provides novel insights that can help you identify automation opportunities, and address performance and compliance opportunities with flows. During this episode, Mr. Ilya Fainberg will discuss Process mining and Process Advisor in detail! So, Let’s get started!

Key takeaways from today’s session:
1. What is Process Mining?
2. How Process Mining and Process Advisor will help you?
3. Get started with first Process Mining
4. Understand Process Advisor and Analytics
5. QnA for Process Mining and Process Advisor

00:00 Start
01:12 Introduction of Illya Fainberg
02:20 Question 1: What Ilya love to do in his spare time?
06:35 Question 2: Ilya’s IT Journey
15:48 Question 3: Ilya’s Future Plan
19:10 Question 4: Ilya’s Book Plan
21:37 What is Process Mining?
26:30 Why invest in Process Mining?
29:46 Real-Life Examples for Process Mining
31:12 Demo: Create a new Process
35:09 Process Mining Entities/Tables
40:12 Process Advisor
40:34 Understand the Report of the Process Advisor
45:23 Analyze Process for Approvers
48:00 Process by Locations
54:26 QnA for Process Mining
01:01:00 End

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Speaker: Mr. Ilya Fainberg (Sr.Program Manager at Microsoft)

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Host: Dhruvin Shah
Recording Date: April 28, 2022
Premier Date: May 08, 2022

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