Responsive Power Apps Gallery

Responsive Power Apps Gallery
This video will learn how we can create truly responsive Power Apps Grids. We can use Gallery to create a Power Apps Grid. During this episode, we will learn about how we can create a responsive PowerApps Gallery. So, let’s get started!

Key takeaways!
1. Responsive Power Apps Grids
2. Grid Idea for Power Apps Gallery
3. Design Ideas to Design Power Apps Gallery
4. Responsive Gallery Design in Power Apps
5. Beautiful and eye catching Power Apps Grid Ideas

00:00 Start
00:29 Overview to End Outcome
01:00 Add Responsive Screen
01:41 Add Header
03:22 Create Beautiful Gallery in Canvas App
04:23 Apply Container BG Cooler
05:25 Format Gallery to make it Sexy
07:46 Set Template Height in Gallery
08:05 Add Border around Gallery Template
09:46 Add Padding between Galley Template
10:08 Conditional Formatting in Power Apps Gallery
14:00 Make Responsive Power Apps Gallery
14:43 Get Screen Size
16:06 Responsive Gallery Wrap Count based on Screen Size
16:37 Test Grids
18:37 Transition in Gallery

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