Populate Excel Template using Power Automate and Office Script

Populate Excel Template using Power Automate and Office Script
During this video, we will learn, how we can Populate Excel Template using Power Automate and Office Script. Most of the time, we have a requirement where we need to populate our data in our Excel Template and generate a new Excel file which is sent in Email. During this video, we will use one Excel Template and create one Office Script which dynamically populate the values in Excel spreadsheet using Power Automate Flow. Microsoft Power Automate flow provide an action to Run Excel Script. We can pass parameter from Power Automate to Excel Online Office Script and populate the values! Stay tuned for full video!

Key takeaways!
1. Excel Template Populate using Power Automate
2. Populate Excel Template using Power Automate
3. Office Script + Excel Template + Power Automate
4. Run Office Script from Power Automate
5. Populate Excel Template Dynamically using Office Scripts and Power Automate

00:00 Start
00:11 Excel Template to Populate Data using Power Automate
01:42 Upload Excel Template
02:00 Create Office Script to Excel
02:39 Excel Script
03:30 Create Script using Record Action
05:53 Set Value of Excel Cell using Office Script
06:50 Set Value for Mergers Cells using Excel Script
07:42 Define Parameters to Excel Script
08:00 Define Input Variables in Excel Script
09:00 Set Variable inside SetValue
10:14 Save Script
10:44 Clean Template Values
11:30 Create Power Automate Flow
12:46 Create File
14:56 Run Excel Script using Power Automate
15:09 Set Values
16:00 Send Attachment in Email
17:23 Test Flow
18:00 Flow Run
18:45 Subscribe!!

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