Create Reusable Confirmation Pop Up in Power Apps

Create Reusable Confirmation Pop Up in Power Apps
In this video, we will learn, how we can create Reusable Confirmation Pop Up in Power Apps. We will use the concept of Component Libraries to create Reusable components. At this moment, PowerApps not providing any Pop Up functionality in OOTB manner. We can create reusable Pop Up with configurable Pop Up header, buttons and custom event. In this Power Apps Tutorial for Beginners I will show you the steps that is required to get up and running with the component easily.

We will use Power Apps component Library to implement this functionality. Also, we will talk, how we can use Input and behavior property for better way to design Pop Ups or Dialog box in Power Apps.

Key Learning:
Power Apps Pop Up
Power Apps Dialog box
Power Apps Reusable Component Pop Up
Behavior Property in Power Apps
Input Property in Power Apps

00:00 Strat
00:48 Reusable Scenario
01:30 Outdated way of creating Pop Ups
02:22 Create Component using Component Library
02:47 Create Pop Up Component
04:58 Define Input Property in Pop Up Header
05:56 Enable Behaviour Property
06:53 Register Events created by Behaviour Property
08:40 Group Component
09:00 Save Component
09:34 Import component in Power Apps from Component Library
11:10 Add Component to Power Apps
11:34 Add Pop Up Header Value
12:12 Set OnOk Click Event
12:56 Define OnCancelClick Event
14:00 Assignment

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