Get Started with Power Apps Creator Kit – Part One

Get Started with Power Apps Creator Kit – Part One
Welcome to UI-UX Tip for Power Apps. During this video, we will explore the Creator Kit developed by Power CAT Team Microsoft. Microsoft Power Apps Creator Kit provides ready-to-use, free Canvas Code Components, PCF Components, and Developer Utility which makes our life easier! This is the first part of this series and we will learn about How we can Install PowerApps Creator Kit using App Source! Once Creator Kit is installed we will talk about What Creator Kit offers and how we can utilize Creator Kit Components in our day-to-day life?So, Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways:
1. What is Creator Kit in Power Apps?
2. What Creator Kit offers you?
3. How to install Power Apps creator Kit?
4. How to use creator kit components in canvas app?

00:00 Start
01:04 What Creator Kit offers?
01:48 Get started with Creator Kit
02:41 Turn on Power Apps Component Framework for Canvas App
02:54 Install Creator Kit using App Source
04:39 Overview of Installed Apps, Packages, and Component Library
05:25 Canvas App Component from Creator Kit
05:46 What’s Inside Creator Kit for Canvas App
07:38 Creator Kit Component for Model Driven Apps
08:15 Canvas Template for Creator Kit
09:12 Add Creator Kit Components in your Canvas App
10:27 Subscribe!

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