Pie Chart Rotation in Power BI

Pie Chart Rotation in Power BI
Welcome to one more Short Tip and Trick on Power BI. In this video, we will talk about how we can apply Rotation for Power BI Pie and Donut Chart. Currently, pie and donut chart slices are drawn in clockwise order, beginning at the twelve o’clock position, which often results in the final slices being drawn near that first large value, approaching it clockwise from the opposite side. Those final slices are often smaller values and thus smaller slices.

Advantages of using Rotation Property on Pie and donut Chart:
– We can easily display data labels for the smaller part of Pie and Donut by Rotating them to a specific degree! This is cool!!

00:00 Start
00:40 Pie Chart
01:34 Rotate Pie Chart
02:12 End

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