DAX Beginners – SUM Vs SUMX in Power BI – What, When and Where?

DAX Beginners – SUM Vs SUMX in Power BI – What, When and Where?
Welcome to Wed with Dax beginner series. During this episode, we will talk about two interesting DAX expressions. SUM and SUMX. We will compare both DAX expressions in detail. First, I will explain When to use SUM and when to use SUMX. We will talk about the difference between SUM and SUMX functions with a real examples. SUM DAX expression is used to get summarize the total for any specified column from your Power BI Dataset. When you have calculations which are to be performed at Row Level, then use SUMX expression.

We will cover the following points in detail.
1. SUM Vs SUMX in Power BI
2. When to use SUMX() Vs SUM() in Power BI?
3. SUM Vs SUMX – What is the basic difference?
4 The Difference Between SUM vs SUMX In Power BI
5. DAX SUM and SUMX Functions

00:00 Start
00:57 DataSource Ideas
01:13 When to use Sum Function
01:44 When to use SumX Function?
03:02 Example for Sumx
04:18 How Sumx is evaluated in Power BI DAX?
05:27 Summary
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