PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams

PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams
Welcome to one more tip for Microsoft Teams. Recently Microsoft launched a new feature called “PowerPoint Live”. Microsoft created an entirely new remote presenting experience with PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams. This exclusive and unique experience benefits both presenters and audience members, offering the rich presenting capabilities of PowerPoint and the collaboration of Microsoft Teams. So, Let’s explore PowerPoint Live Feature in detail with me!

I will explain the PowerPoint Live feature in Teams with “Presenter” and “Audience” standpoint of view. As a presenter, one can present PowerPoint Slide, from OneDrive or the local file system. Then, as a presenter, we can use Laser Pointer, Highlighter, Eraser, and Pen Option. We can Translate the slide and view the slides in High Contrast Mode as well! So, let’s get started and Explore PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams.

00:00 Start
00:15 Intro
01:15 PowerPoint Live Feature
02:02 Exploring PowerPoint Live as Presenter Mode
02:21 Navigation Menu for Live PowerPoint Slide
02:44 PowerPoint Live as a Viewer or Audience
03:02 Navigate between slide Pages as Viewer
03:48 Stop Audience from Navigating Through Slides in PowerPoint Live
04:28 Laser Pointer – Presenter Mode
04:50 Pen Feature – Presenter Mode
05:00 Highlight Feature – Presenter Mode
05:10 Eraser Feature – Presenter Mode
05:20 GridView Feature
05:37 Translate Slide Language
06:47 Subscribe

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