Power Apps File Attachment Validation – Allow only Specific Extension File

Power Apps File Attachment Validation – Allow only Specific Extension File
Welcome to one more interesting tip for Power Apps Forms. During this video, we will learn how we can restrict users to upload only specific file extensions to our Power Apps form. In this video, we will talk about file format validation for our Power Apps form. Most of the time this is the very basic functionality that we need for our customers. Let’s say for example we want to allow users to upload the file with only .docx or .txt format. Then how can we achieve that? Also, if user uploads the file we want to clear the attachment control as well as notify the user about the incorrect extension!

Sometimes, we are allowing single file upload with our attachment control and sometimes we are allowing users to upload multiple file attachments from the control. In both the cases, the validation code for file extension is different. I have covered both scenarios in detail!

During this video, we will learn following concepts:
– How we can allow users to upload specific extension file in Power Apps form?
– Allow only some file types in Attachment
– Power Apps Attachment: Restrict File Types
– Power Apps File Upload Validation

00:00 Start
01:32 Follow Instagram
02:24 File Attachment Validation for Single file
03:13 Code for File Extension Validation (Single File)
04:00 Upload File and Test
04:28 File Upload Validation for Multiple Values
06:35 Upload Files and Test Extension Validation

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