How to Format Number with Comma in Power Apps Form?

How to Format Number with Comma in Power Apps Form?
During this session, we are going to talk about one interesting tip for Power Apps forms. Most of the time clients are requesting to format the numbers with comma separated. They are looking for Excel type of number formatting for Form Input Textbox. So, how can we achieve Excel Like number formatting for Power Apps Form?

During this session we will talk about this thing in details! Here, first we will apply number formatting for our datacard. Once the number format applied successfully, we will apply for New and Edit both forms!

Hope this small tip will help you to automatically format numbers for your Input field.

The code used for number formatting is available here!

If(Form1.Mode =FormMode.New,Set(FormattedNum,””),Set(FormattedNum,SelectedItem.Title))

Here, you can learn the following concepts!
1. Excel Like Number Formatting in Power Apps Forms
2. Number Formatting with Comma in Power Apps
3. Force Text Input Format Number to Comma
4. Separate Numbers with Thousand Separated in Power Apps Forms

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02:20 Formula onChange for Number Formatting
04:44 Set code for New Form and Edit Form
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