How to consume Power BI Dataflows in Power BI Report?

How to consume Power BI Dataflows in Power BI Report?
Welcome to Power BI Dataflows Step by step tutorial series for beginners and advanced level users. You are watching the sixth episode of this series and during this session, we are going to learn how we can consume our Power BI Dataflows in Power BI Report and develop the report using the data from Dataflow!

Here, first, we will connect our power BI Desktop with Power BI Dataflows. Then, we will develop our Power BI report and publish the report to Power BI Service! Once the report is published, we will configure a scheduled refresh for our Power BI report!

Throughout this entries session series, we will learn about Power BI Dataflows. This is a complete full beginner course for the beginners and intermediate Power BI user who wants to learn about Power BI Dataflows

Stay tuned throughout the entire session for more information.

We will cover the following points in this video:
1. How to consume Power BI dataflows in Power BI Report?
2. Connect Power BI reports with Dataflows
3. Develop Power BI report consuming data from Dataflows
4. Connect Power BI with your dataflow storage


00:00 Start
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01:06 Precap
02:17 Connect Power BI Dataflow with Power BI Desktop
04:25 Build Report
04:45 Save and Publish Report
05:47 Publish Report
06:20 Schedule Refresh
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How to consume Power BI Dataflows in Power BI Report?

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