Power Platform Weekly Letter – Dhruvin Shah – April 2021 – Edition 04

Hey folks! Hope you all had a great week! During last 15 days I launched following things!

Draw X-Axis Constant Line for Power BI Line Charts

Welcome to new Power BI Desktop Updates for March 2021. During this session, we will learn how we can draw Constant Line for X- Axis for Line Chart in Power BI. Microsoft recently introduce this new feature during March 2021 of Power BI Desktop update! When we have date or number data type as columns, we can add Constant Line option available for X-Axis. If you are not able to see the Constant Line option for X-Axis which means that you have some different data type on your X-Axis.

Enhanced Formula Bar in Power Apps

During this short Power Apps video, we will talk about new updates in Power Apps Formula bar. Now, in Power Apps when we press enter key it will add new line automatically. Also, when we press tab key it will add spacing based on Tab key. Also, there are updates in the Property Pane dropdown as well! Check full video for more information.

Print Power Apps Forms using Native Print() Function

Print is one of the most popular functionality in PowerApps. most of the time we have some questions that how we can implement Print functionality with PowerApps forms? Can we Print the Power Apps form without using any Power Automate flow? The answer is Yes. Microsoft recently launched a new feature called Prin() function in Power Apps.

During this session, we will learn, how we can implement Print functionality with Power Apps Form. We will learn how we can Print the Multistep Power Apps form using the Native Print() function. Microsoft recently introduced a Print feature for the Power Apps Page where we can Print Power Apps Screen using a single line of code. Now, what if we want to Print the Multi-Step Power Apps Canvas App Form? Can we create a different Form Layout for Print in Power Apps? All the answers you will get from this video.

Here, first, we will see the end outcome for the Multistep Power Apps form. We will talk about the Portrait and Landscape layout mode for the Print feature and add a Print button on the screen. Here, we also want to achieve a functionality where we want to hide specific control during Printing or we want to dynamically change header text.

Select(Parent) Property is not Working with Power Apps Gallery Control?

Today’s short video is about the most common problem that we are facing for our PowerApps Gallery control. Sometimes we have added some icons on our Gallery control and we want to select the specific row from our Gallery and to select the current row we have used a code Select(Parent). However, we are unable to select a row from the Gallery. What’s the reason behind that? Why Select(Parent) property is not working with Power Apps Gallery Control?

The reason behind this is the “Selectable” property from Gallery. If Selectable property is set as false then we will face this issue. Check the full video for more information.

Directory Structure Overview for Canvas App Source Code Files

During this session, we will talk about the Directory Structure Overview for Canvas App Source Code files. Microsoft recently launched a toolkit using which we can get source code files from our Power Apps Canvas App. Once we open our Power Apps source code files it is important to understand the directory structure and YAML syntax for a formula change. Here when we extract source code from Power Apps Canvas App, it structured the code files into different directories like Assets, Connections, DataSources, Entropy, Pkgs, Src, and different manifest files.

Here, I will provide an overall idea about the different formula syntax used in the .yaml files. How we can change the formula.

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