Power Platform – Weekly Letter- Dhruvin Shah – March 2021 – Edition 02

Hey folks! Hope you all had a great week! This week I launched 4 major things.

Address Input Component with Geospatial Map in Power Apps

During this session, we will talk about Address Input Component in Power Apps. Address Input component is used to take Input address from the end users. Based on the user input it suggests the address. During this video we took a combination of Map and Address Input component in Power Apps. User will type any address input in textbox and based on selected address it will locate that location to the geospatial map.

Draw and Insert Shape into Geospatial Maps in Power Apps?

During this session, we will learn how we can draw and insert different shapes to Power Apps map visual. Power Apps let allows the users to draw and insert shapes into map component. We can add a drawing panel to our interactive maps that lets our users draw and label shapes in the app. We can also create and label shapes on maps you insert into your Power Apps app with the interactive map component. Inserting pre-defined shapes is useful to highlight specific regions or areas of interest, such as a sales district or shipping zone.

How to Import GeoJSON Shapes into Map?

During this session we will learn how we can Import GeoJSON shapes into Maps. In our earlier video, we talked about how we can draw different shapes to the map and how we can store GeoJSON objects to the SharePoint list. Now, during this session we will see how we can import GeoJSON shapes to the maps and highlight different sections. Let’s check that thing in detail here!

How to Sync Two Slicers on the Same Page in Power BI?

During this session, we will talk about Advanced Properties for the Sync Slicer in Power BI. Sometimes we have a scenario where want functionality that if we select some value from the slicer the same value should be selected from another slicer on the same page. At that time how we can achieve this requirement? We can use the advanced properties for the sync slicer in Power BI. So, during this session we will learn how to sync two slicers on the same page in Power BI? Check the entire video for more information.

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