Power BI Podcast – Episode 01 – What is Power BI?

Today we will be talking about different elements and building blocks for power BI. Let’s first discuss the different elements.

The first element is the Power BI Desktop. Power BI Desktop is a desktop based application where we can develop different power BI report and prepare eye-catching and stunning visualization.

The second component is the Power BI service. Power BI Srvice is a SaaS based application. Using power BI service, we can view our Power BI report on browser or mobile devices.

The third component is Power BI Mobile application Power BI Mobile application provides the flexibility to view our developed report into mobile devices.

Now let’s discuss about major building blocks of power BI, the major building blocks are datasets, reports and dashboard.

This data set, report and dashboard are placed into workspace. An workspace is something which is used a capacity. The capacity is either the shared capacity or premium capacity. Now let’s talk about each individual concept into my next podcast. Stay connected with me.
Have a great day goodbye.

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