Develop Offline Capable Canvas PowerApps for Windows and Mobile Device

Develop Offline Capable Canvas PowerApps for Windows and Mobile Device
During this video, we will learn how we can create offline capable apps in Power Apps. Model Driven apps are comes up with native offline capability. But how about Canvas Apps? We can create offline capable Canvas Apps with Power Apps. To create offline capable apps inside Power Apps two functions are used. SaveData and LoadData. Using SaveData and LoadData functions we can build offline capable Power Apps.

Key takeaways from today’s session:
1. Offline Capable Power Apps for Windows and Mobiles
2. PowerApps Offline Apps
3. Offline Canvas Apps
4. Build Offline capable Canvas Apps for Windows and Mobiles
5. Develop offline-capable canvas apps
6. Power Apps Offline Mode

00:00 Start
00:40 Overview of offline Capable Canvas App
02:08 Functions for Offline Capable Power Apps
02:24 Create Canvas App with Scrollable Screen
02:51 Connect Dataverse Table
03:07 Create Form in Offline Canvas App
04:07 Store Save Function
04:22 Connect Data Source
04:45 How to store data using Patch Function?
06:00 Offline Save in Power Apps
06:20 Check if Internet is Available in Power Apps
06:39 Save Data in collection
07:04 SaveData in Power Apps
09:09 Load Data based on Internet Connectivity
09:32 Provide Gallery Data Source
10:40 Show Internet Connectivity Icon
11:15 Sync Offline Data to Cloud
13:40 Summary
14:44 Open App in Windows Application for Power Apps
14:50 Power Apps for Windows Application
17:53 Subscribe!

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