Key Influencer Visual in Power BI

Key Influencer Visual in Power BI
Welcome to Power BI & AI Visualization Step by Step Series! During this video, we will talk about one AI Powered Key Influencer Visual in Power BI. Sometimes, there is a need wherein we want to analyze different factors which are affecting our business outcome. To analyze this, we can use AI Powered Key Influencer visual. Key Influencer visual represents all the possible factors that are affecting outcomes. During this video, we will know everything about Power BI’s Key Influencer Visual in detail!

00:00 Start
00:29 When to use Key influencer Visual?
01:40 Key Influencer Visual – End Outcome
02:44 Top Segments – Key Influencer Visual
03:18 Create Key Influencer Visual
04:08 Analyze Factors
05:38 Understand Key Influencer Visual
06:08 Top Segment
07:28 Cross Filtering
09:00 Visual Ready
09:17 Format Visual
10:26 Subscribe!!

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